Error Notes

$2 1928C BA Error Invert Legal Tender FR 1504 Julian/Morgenthau Raw XF/AU S/N B40453522A Well cared for and one of the rarest errors.  This Invert is offered for $2,900

new error banknote

$2 1928G Error Missing Third Print Legal Tender No Red Seal or Serial Numbers Raw XF/AU Super rare error.  Offered for $4,500

$1.00 1974 I Minneapolis I-A Major Foldover  This note has a big piece folded over, showing the back on the bace.  Dramatic Error.  Choice Uncirculated.  Offered for $595.00

Error Notes

$100 1928 Inverted Stars L San Francisco L-*  About a dozen Inverted Stars are know in all of US Currency collector hands.  Roughly half dozen have one Inverted Star with about half having both stars inverted.  This is a very scarce inverted star on an already rare star.  Seldom seen or offered.  Grading Fine.  Offered for $5,500.00. 

$5 1993 Error Federal Reserve Note FR 1983-K PCGS Gem New 65 PPQ RARE PRINTED FOLDOVER Butterfly S/N K38560465A Offered for $400