Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World

Bitcoin is marching around the planet continuously making people’s lives better and brighter as decentralized financial control system lifts allows more flexibility. Moreover, cryptocurrency gives to users’ unprecedented level of security. Some countries, which officially accepted cryptocurrency in turn are able to widen the amount of areas where Bitcoin is used, for example, there is a big number of official Bitcoin casino in USA. However, being a young and hard-to-control financial system Bitcoin and altcoins are still forbidden in some parts of the Globe. 

Bitcoin-friendly countries 

How exactly can Bitcoin and altcoins be governmentally regulated? For example, there is an option regulation of cryptocurrency by controlling the price of assets in international markets. It is possible to state an exact fiat equivalent and provide official exchanges under the jurisdiction of a particular country. There are several countries, which estimate and appreciate cryptocurrency circulation considering the future of Bitcoin and altcoins is bright. Among them are the following:


Regulation of cryptocurrency in Singapore is neutral. That means that for businesses who opt for transactions with digital tokens are obligated to common taxes regulation policies. Taxes are on the income that was received within Singapore. 


The USA appreciates development of legal circulation of cryptocurrency within the state applying several formal rules. Thanks to that there are many Bitcoin casino in USA that allow making Bitcoin gambling legal.


Cryptocurrency circulation regime of this small country is one of the flexiest in the world since 2019 when the government adopted the Token and TT Service Provider Act. It makes Liechtenstein a cryptocurrency hub thanks to advanced regulatory frameworks.

New Zealand

New Zealand to date does not have any specific governmental regulations, but the law does not forbid Bitcoin transactions within the country. Cryptocurrency is considered as a property and regulated under the policies for property rights. However, it is not forbidden to exchange and mine Bitcoins. 


Bitcoin was announced legal in Australia almost ten years ago since 2013. It was officially declared by the Governor bank and today you can provide various legal cryptocurrency operations under the Australian laws.  Bitcoin is officially related to Australian financial market.

Where Bitcoin is forbidden

Despite the numerous undeniable benefits of Bitcoin and altcoins to the economy that is approved by several leading countries, cryptocurrencies are still banned in some parts of the Globe. Among such countries are. Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Bolivia. 

The future of cryptocurrency dissemination

However, there are countless supposed scenarios of the Bitcoin’s future, from the break of the blockchain to hypotheses of creating a competitor to Bitcoin by IMF, there are a lot of proves that dissemination of cryptocurrency is close. Optimistic scenario assumes that legal transactions within the blockchain could affect the World’s economy in a positive way.


Among the vital particularities of Bitcoin is transparency of transactions. It is almost impossible to hack any cryptocurrency system and almost anyone who provided such attempts was successful. That is why more and more countries admit Bitcoin on the governmental level and provide financial policies and taxation on Bitcoin transactions. Among such countries are the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, and others. Several countries that do not allow Bitcoin and altcoins circulation. 

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