Large Cent 1795 Very Rare Liberty Cap Brown/Red tone with clear Date and Liberty Offered for $750.00

Large Cent 1818 Matron Head Only 3,167,000 were Minted Matron Head’s were minted from 1816 through 1835 Offered for $85.00

Large Cent 1827 Matron Head Coronet Type Only 2,357,732 were Minted Visable Date and Liberty Offered for $110.00

Large Cent 1857 Young Head Only 333,456 were Minted in this Rare Date The small cent was introduced in this year as the large cent became to expensive to produce.  Beautiful coin and offered for $140.00

Large Cent 1857 Young Head

Small Cent 1858 Fyling Eagle This Type was only Minted from 1856 through 1858 making it rare indeed.  24,600,000 minted for this date.  Offered for $135.00

Indian Head Penny 1905 Uncirculated Variety 3 Bronze Minted from 1864 through 1909 This small cent was used by your Grandfather in his youth.  Offered for $90.00  (((I have about 100 82 80 50 30 Indian Head Penny’s of various dates that have light to moderate circulation.  I offer these Indian Heads for $15.00 each)))

Small Cent STEEL Penny 1943 Uncirculated Owing to a shortage of copper during the critical war year 1943, the Treasury Department resorted to the use of zinc-coated steel for our cents.  No bronze cents were officially issued in 1943.  This is truly a collectors item.  I have about 50 32 30 24 of these steel penny’s offered for $15.00 each.

Two Cent Piece 1865 Minted from 1864 through 1873 The two cent piece is one of the short-lived issues of United States coinage.  The motto “In God We Trust” appeared for the first time on the new coin due largely to the increased religious sentiment during the Civil War Crisis.  Offered for $165.00

Nickel Three Cent Piece 1873 This Three cent piece struck in nickel composition were designed to replace the silver three cent coins.  Composition is 75% copper and 25% nickel.  All were coined at Philadelphia and have plain edges and only about 1 million coins were minted this year making them rare indeed.  Offered for $145.00

Half Dime 1857-O Variety 2 Liberty Seated Rare half dime Offered for $85.00

Washing Quarter Set 1932-1953
This is a complete set of Washing Quarters in a HARRIS Book.  I personally put this set together over 25 years ago.  Some of these are extremely rare quarters and almost impossible to find.  You can click on the Thumb Nail pages to see the details in the coins as well as the year and mintage.  Sold 11/2010

Proof Set 1987 This is a 5 coin set that include Proof Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar. 
Embellish your legendary collection today with this treasured 1987 Original 5 Coin U.S. Proof Set. Presented within its original government packaging, this set contains one of each of the coins minted in 1987, including the Kennedy half dollar, the Washington quarter, the Roosevelt dime, the Jefferson nickel and the Lincoln penny. This is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited proof sets released by the U.S. Mint every year. Made from specially polished planchets and polished dies, the coins have been hand-selected for quality and will make a magnificent addition to your collection. Original packaged United States proof sets are highly coveted by collectors and are all sold out limited editions from the United States Mint.  The term proof refers to the method of manufacture, not the condition of the coin. Regular production coins in mint state have sparkling, frosty luster, soft details and minor imperfections. Proof coins can usually be distinguished by their sharpness of detail, high-wire edge and extremely brilliant, mirror-like surface. A proof is a specimen striking of coinage for presentation, souvenir, exhibition or numismatic purposes. Other specifications include: Half Dollar – copper/nickel alloy  Quarter – copper/nickel alloy  Dime – copper/nickel alloy  Nickel – copper/nickel alloy  Penny – copper

We sell a lot of Silver Dollars just before Christmas.  Silver Dollars make a wonderful gift so order yours early to assure you will have them in hand for the holidays.

Postage and Insurance

Please Add $2.50 for each coin order to help with shipping cost.  Multiple coins are shipped for the price of one.  For Coin orders of $100 or more, your shipping is FREE. 
(We are very careful to make sure your order is addressed and packaged with care.  If you would like to insure your coin(s), please add an additional $5.00 per $100 of Insurance.  We are not responsible for lost items in the mail.  Insurance guarantees a safe delivery.  Thank you for your understanding). 
Silver Dollar MORGAN 1886 Grading About Uncirculated to Uncirculated These Morgan or Liberty Head Silver Dollars are full of luster.  All are uncirculated however a very minor bag mark may been seen by the expert eye.  I have about a dozen of these 1886 beauties in inventory.  Offered for $42.00 each
Silver Dollar MORGAN

Silver Dollar MORGAN 1878-1921 Grading About Fine to Extremely Fine These Morgan or Liberty Head Silver Dollars all have tons of eye appeal.  No problems, holes, or pits.  These Morgan Silver Dollars are lightly circulated and have been in my safe for over 20 years.  For orders of 4 or more of these Morgan’s, I will make sure at least one is dated before 1900.  Offered for $29.00 each Coin

Silver Dollar PEACE TYPE 1921-1935 Grading About Fine to Extremely Fine These Peace Silver Dollars are excellent for the money.  Beautiful eye appeal and without problems.  These Silver Dollars are lightly circulated and have been in my safe for several years.  Peace Silver Dollars were
First minted in 1921, and was the product of America?s largest silver strike, which occurred at the Comstock Lode in northern Nevada in the mid-1870s.  Each coin contains .77 ounces of silver.
Offered for $23.00 each

Silver Dollar EISENHOWER BICENTENNIAL Dated 1776-1976 Grading About Uncirculated to Uncirculated  These IKE Bicentennial Silver Dollars are excellent will only go up in value.  The national significance of the dual dated Ike Bicentennial of the US was highlighted with the adoption of new reverse designs for the quarter, half dollar and dollar.  Nearly a thousand entries were submitted after the Treasury announced in Oct of 1973 that an open contest was to be held for the selection of the new design.  The design chosen was the Liberty Bell superimposed on the moon.  Offered for $28.00 each

Silver Dollar EISENHOWER

Silver Dollar EISENHOWER 1971 UNCIRCULATED 40% Silver Packaged from the US Department of the Treasury Please read the description provided by the Mint.  I have 25 20 10 5 of these sealed Iks in stock  Sold Out 11/2010

Eisenhower Silver Dollar Set including Proof-Only IssuesThis is a fantastic complete set of Ike Dollars in a Dansco World Coin Library Display Book.  Honoring both the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the first landing of man on the moon.  Designed by mint engraver Frank Gasparro whose initials are below the eagle.  On the reverse is an adaption of the official Apollo II insignia.  The circulation issue is copper-nichel and the collectors coins in 40% silver composition.  This complete set contains the very rare 1974S 40% Proof with only 1,314,608 minted.  I personally put this set together over 20 years ago.  Sold 11/2010